Balance with Hooves - Equine Massage and Reiki Therapy


"Your warmth and welcoming manor.  All amazing and so real.  Absolutely amazing experience.  Thank you for the opportunity".  -J Willar

"I enjoyed interacting with the horses on an emotional and energy level rather than having a work aspect to it.  This day was such a lovely experience on many levels.  I learned a lot about myself about others and I learned more information about horses, which I always love.  Thank you so much for this experience."  - N. Hachey

"What I liked best about the workshop was being with horses, meeting new people.  This was a place to find hope in my heart and not my head". - P..Nickerson

"I liked everything, it was easy, laid back not rigid great changing on the fly.  This was a great way to get in touch with the emotional centre of yourself and also the horse.  It has made me rethink my approach when dealing with the horses, riders and volunteers in our therapeutic club". - C. Wood

"Frannie is very passionate about this work and it shows when she talks about it. - as a facilitator.  Providing insight during debrief is a strong point when working in a partnership with the horses.  Frannie is able to read what they are saying and is able to support the herd as needed". - K. Gard

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