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Are you honoring your true self in setting expectations of others?


Ok ... so here I am needing to clarify some “stuff” in my head and heart .... Yes I have to do that sometimes ... Lucky for me I have my herd that offer me insight when I’m being a stupid human and I can’t seem to figure it out on my own....

So as I am doing a body scan ... I feel tightness in my throat and stomach area ... I feel stuck, I feel too much, heaviness, difficulty breathing ... UGH!!!  I set my intention .... now let’s see what will happen?

So Sophie is in the arena with me as she showed up ...the brave one ... :)  And she is eating green patches and I’m thinking too much ... the dog is barking and I’m feeling I can’t focus ... Sophie mind you is not bothered by me at all ... or so I perceive ... and she is quite content about eating the “greens”.  Ok ... so I think ...focus ... I can’t focus ... I have distractions ... ok so this is what I'm feeling these days ... Then I see Mist has gotten out of the field, he is out eating hay and I’m thinking ... I will need to go and fix the gate again more frustration... and a little voice inside me said ... “he wants to participate so carry on”.

So now I am supposed to connect with Sophie ... that is setting an expectation about our time together ... Hmm ... is that right?  Ok! I know I don’t want to put pressure or set an expectation on her ...I want to respect our time ... but I want to get an answer ... what if I was to just be?  Am I ok with that ? ... Kind of...  Ok  ... I’ll be in the present moment and I say to myself: “I am outside with Sophie and I choose to be in the shaded part while she is eating in the sun ... I don’t want to be in the sun but that is where she is ... I want to be in the shade ... so we are both content in our environment ... Mist is eating and he is content as well and I have no expectations on them...So I focus on what I want without expecting an answer the way I want to but to just let the answer come to me” ...  Am I honouring myself in that process?  YES As I am contemplating this ... I still have my eyes on Sophie.  I noticed that the shade was moving-in gaining ground in the arena and I was able to move closer to her ... and I asked myself : I’m close but she is not connecting and I am not willing to go to her because I want to stay in the shade ...If I really wanted to connect with her I could move closer to her” AH-HA!  Sophie came to me her head down and joined up. :) If I really want something I go get it ... It cannot come from me setting an expectation onto others ... it comes from me getting it.  I cannot set judgements onto others for their choice to not meet my expectations...And this way I honour myself and respect others ... but I first need to identify what I really want ....In this situation I wanted an answer but I was setting an expectation on how I wanted the answer to come to me ... me staying in the shade and her coming over to connect ...So how much did I want a connection?

The answers did not stop there though ... I went to get Mist in the hay field and he did not want to come with me and I knew he would react like that but I was determined he would come and I would get him back in the field with the herd and so I did .... Hence ...doing with intention gets results.

Then I went to bring Sophie back with the herd and she gave me a hard time when I was trying to get the halter on her ... but I got it on and I thought I’m not afraid of her at all and so this is easy ... and it was done .... Another answer ...when you do without fear, it is easy and you get it done ...

Honouring yourself is about doing what you want ... not setting expectations on how it will happen but more importantly not setting expectations onto others to get what you want.  Do it with intention and without fear .... and identify what you really want and what you are willing to do to get it ...

Thank you Sophie and Mist

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Tasha Bender on March-08-18 7:40 AM
Regular job.
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